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Life is like a crane in the snow, there are pure, there are mixed. The former mind bright, not doped with a trace of impurities, such as a master of a Hong-yi, "China Zhi Chun Man, Tian Xin Yue Yuan," between heaven and earth will be filled with pure. The latter are polluted with biogas. People live in the world, do not seek to follow the crowd, like a Mei Mei, can quietly bloom in the life silk.
Think of the ancient scholar boil a decade of cold window, just to fame into the world know, was actually crazy. I do not have to seal ten thousand Hou, just as Xu Xiake, all over the mountains and rivers, a servant a donkey, a pen, a matter of his annoyance, I own day pillow bed; without yellow robe plus body, such as Pu Songling " Is a clever, ignorant of the world situation is humble, "he uphold a humble by the safety of the guidelines, the wild Fox ghost demon between the Dutch have a sounds of nature, childlike full of the mind, to numerous scholars to" Yan Ruyu "imagination.
Sounds of nature from the Ming, do not choose a good sound. Manners, choose a suitable way, even thorns full of life, can also step by step lotus, at the foot of the wind. "Only to spend the night to sleep, it burned candle red makeup." This is crazy, and let the flowers sleep, woke up the Ming Dynasty, but also to open a spring.

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